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One of South Africa’s leading suppliers of Natural Stone Tiles, Pavings, Cladding, Bitumen & Bricks to Golf Estates, Home Owners, Stores, Showrooms, Hotels, Shopping Malls, Architects and Landscapers.
We offer a wide selection of natural stones for a multitude of uses – from basins and mosaics to travertine and Marble Tiles, and our expert masons are able to provide stunning natural stone that has been carefully selected to maximize the colour and pattern of each piece. With natural stone tiles for every type of home, we have subtle earth tones and delicate creams, through warm honey and rich chocolate browns, ready to match any style of décor you have.

Natural stone tiles have been used for centuries due to their combination of beauty and incredible properties. Browse our range of sandstone, marble or Travertine tiles, and you’ll begin to appreciate the passion we have for natural stone tiles. Increasingly popular, travertine tiles are ideal for use both indoors or out – and look incredible forming the floor of a reception area or an outdoor patio. Available in a variety of colours from grey to coral-red, our travertine tiles are suitable for high-traffic areas and can be purchased filled or unfilled depending on your preference. Click through to our travertine tiles page for more information.

If you’re looking for a true classic, then marble tiles are the way to go – capable of taking a high-shine surface polish. Available in a huge choice of colours, our marble tiles range from black and grey to shades of white, warm coffee colours and highly patterned natural shell stone or tiger skin. Whether you choose sandstone, CaesarStone, marble or travertine tiles, Kaleidorock delivers exceptionally high-quality natural stone tiles that will transform any location. Add to the beauty of your home hard-wearing natural stone tiles and you’ll be amazed at the transformation.

Our online presence has all the colours and styles we offer, but we’re more than happy to come to you with samples of our natural stone tiles so you can get a feel for them in your own home. We dedicate individual attention to our clients to ensure that their every need is well met. With our detailed knowledge of the various products, we are able to offer you the best advice as to what will most suit your unique tastes and expectations.

We supply Travertine, Marble & Sandstone.

Our products are available in a selection of styles and colours of Natural Stones, from stylish earthy tones and subtle creams.







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